Boosted cabbage salad – express recipe

This salad takes about five minutes to make, it is incredibly simple, delicious and healthy. The basic spices are salt and olive oil. The rest is experimental, you can add it if you like to try. Ingredients (serves 2) 300g cabbage (about 1/4 of a smaller one) 2 teacups of croutons 2 tablespoons extra virgin […] Read More

Bunny salad – simple, cheap and very refreshing

Experimenting with ingredients I have in my fridge, I usually get very interesting and affordable meals, such as the cabbage and carrots salad I recently (re)discovered. While I’ve seen something like this in many restaurants, it’s never as simple and tasty as my own. I named this salad bunny salad, because it’s two main ingredients […] Read More
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