About reSabi Kitchen

Hi and welcome to reSabi Kitchen. Here you’ll find some delicious recipes with a twist, inspiration, and a nerdy approach to food. You’ll get to know the ingredients better and dig into the wonderful world of food.

reSabi Kitchen is all about making meals simpler, cheaper, and healthier without compromising the taste.

This collection is part of the reSabi Media group.

The "chef"

Hi, I’m Eddie, a Belgrade based designer, passionate foodie and the founder of reSabi Media.

I grew up in a multicultural environment being exposed to delicious food from all around the world. Many of them I still love today and I enjoy preparing them for my friends and family, so they can get a taste of exotic faraway destinations without leaving our hometown.


While I love to research the ingredients and explore combinations, I am not a professional cook nor a nutritionist. All of the content of this site is intended as inspiration and if you have any doubts about it, please consult your nutritionist or doctor.