25 reasons to visit Vienna

Art History - Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
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  1. The splendour of the imperial capital can be seen and felt everywhere.
  2. It is both very old and very modern at the same time.
  3. The Danube flows through the city and splits into beautiful oasis of green and blue.
  4. Vienna has been proclaimed the best city in the world for living seven years in a row!
  5. Most of the monuments are located in the Innerestadt district or around it, at walking distance from one another.
  6. Visual art and inspiration is everywhere.
  7. The Viennese café culture is a unique experience and must.
  8. With its 136 meters of height, the spear of St. Stephen’s cathedral is one of the tallest in the world.
  9. You can visit the court chambers of empress Sisi at the Hofburg palace.
  10. Admire the dancing horses at the Spanish riding school.
  11. See the houses of Mozart and Beethoven.
  12. Discover the café where Trotsky, Tito, Stalin and Hitler almost met.
  13. Vienna’s Natural History museum leaves nobody indifferent.
  14. You can also visit the Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia as a day trip. It is about an hour and a half ride from Vienna.
  15. There’s plenty of spaces for active people to enjoy walking or cycling, as well as other activities.
  16. Discover the two churches Antonio Vivaldi was buried in.
  17. Vienna’s fantastic water system brings fresh spring water from mountains far away from the city. It has done so for centuries!
  18. You really shouldn’t miss Christmas markets in Vienna. Nor the gluchwein (mulled wine).
  19. Vienna State Opera
    Vienna State Opera

    New Year concerts are traditionally held at the Opera house. If you like classical music, witnessing one should be on your bucket list.

  20. There’s a silly looking building in various colours built by Hundertwasser you should see.
  21. The Vienna woods are not only a huge green area flanking the city. They also offer breathtaking views of Vienna, as well as the surrounding plains.
  22. The transportation system is impressive. The metro network is not too long, but is incredibly efficient.
  23. Vienna’s museums are home of the most important collections of modern art (Klimt, Schiele, Kokochka…).
  24. The Schönbrunn palace complex features large gardens and green zones where citizens and guests alike enjoy themselves as royalty.
  25. Speaking of Schönbrunn, the Vienna zoo is one of the oldest and best zoological gardens in the world.
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