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Getting to Madrid

Madrid has very good air, road and rail connections with major cities of Europe, North Africa and the Americas.

Getting around Madrid

The second largest metro system in Europe and the large fleet of public buses makes moving around Madrid very easy. Downtown is very walkable and decently bike-friendly.

Good to know


Madrid is as safe as a large European metropolis can be. Common sense should help you keep away from trouble. Pickpockets exists in crowded and touristy areas.

Tap water & Toilets

Таp water is safe to drink.
Public toilets are scarce, the best options are to go to a cafe and get some quick refreshment, or head to a public place / department store.


The electricity in Madrid is standard European – 220 Volts with 2 pins. Visitors coming from other parts of the world might need an adapter.


Madrid is well covered by WiFi. Spain has several mobile providers. Calling code for Madrid is +34 91…

Behavior tips

Learn what is OK and polite and what is not, how to say hi, how and who to tip, where to bargain, etc.

Tourist info

Find the nearest Tourism offices, etc.