Kitchen tips

If you like to experiment with food and create your own recipes, as well as improving the ones you’ve found around, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find tips and ideas for preparing easy, affordable and delicious food and drinks, as well as some kitchen tips.

Boosted cabbage salad – express recipe

This salad takes about five minutes to make, it is incredibly simple, delicious and healthy. The basic spices are salt and olive oil. The rest is experimental, you can add it if you like to try. Ingredients (serves 2) 300g cabbage (about 1/4 of a smaller one) 2 teacups of croutons 2 tablespoons extra virgin […] Read More

Grilled chicken and veggies recipe

Here’s another fast, delicious and affordable recipe, which you can sometimes prepare with ingredients you already have (if you fave some chicken breasts in the freezer), or with minimal shopping. This recipe is inspired in Chinese cuisine, it is fairly light yet fulfilling. It is best accompanied with rice, but some mashed potatoes can also […] Read More

How to cut your tomatoes like a ninja

This cool trick will make tomato cutting much faster, easier and cleaner, but unfortunately, it is not always useful, depending on the size of the tomatoes. They should be of approximately equal dimensions, preferrably small (cherries) and firm. If they are gooey, this trick will probably not have the desired effects. %CODE1% Read More

Bunny salad – simple, cheap and very refreshing

Experimenting with ingredients I have in my fridge, I usually get very interesting and affordable meals, such as the cabbage and carrots salad I recently (re)discovered. While I’ve seen something like this in many restaurants, it’s never as simple and tasty as my own. I named this salad bunny salad, because it’s two main ingredients […] Read More

Useful Life Hacks for Food & Kitchen

Hi, today I’d like to share with you a new bunch of incredibly useful life hacks, this time focusing on food and the kitchen. Some will save you space, like the lids holder made of towel racks, others will save you time such as the smart blender and microwave cleaning tips, and some will help […] Read More
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