Top Reasons to visit Barcelona

Panorama of Barcelona from Parc Güell

There are of course many more reasons to visit Barcelona, but here is our selection of top ones in case you’re still thinking whether to come or not.

  1. It’s one of the most inspiring cities in the world!
  2. It is an open air museum of art and architecture covering everything from Roman times to the latest innovations.
  3. Enjoy the #1 Beach City in the world (nominated by National Geographic). The beach season lasts from April all the way to November depending on the year.
  4. Barcelona is a very romantic city.
  5. There is plenty to do in the city for free or for very cheap.
  6. The Sagrada Familia temple is one of the best known eccentric and megalomaniac monuments in Europe.
  7. It is home to one of the world’s most famous football (soccer) teams.
  8. You can explore mountains and bathe in the sea all in the same day, without leaving the city.
  9. It is easy to go back in time with a walk through the Gothic quarter.
  10. Antoni Gaudi, one of the world’s most famous architects has left masterpieces all over the city.
  11. Barcelona is famous for its gastronomy, both the traditional and the modern, experimental.
  12. The surrounding hills provide stunning views of the city and the Mediterranean sea.
  13. Picasso, Miro and Dali among many other famous artists called Barcelona their home.
  14. Some of the most beautiful seaside towns are just a few minutes away from the city.
  15. The spectacular Montserrat monastery, located at the foot of the equally impressive rock formation of a same name is a must see for outdoor explorers.
  16. Barcelona is home to many de luxe hotels, spas and restaurants for those with the finest taste and budget.
  17. The park Guell is one of the best examples of landscaping and integrating art and architecture into an urban oasis.
  18. At Poble Espanyol you can learn about Spanish architecture and find representing buildings from all over the country without leaving Barcelona.
  19. The MNAC contains one of the most impressive collection of medieval visual art in the world.
  20. It is one of Europe’s most environmentally conscious cities.
  21. You can visit most of the top attractions on foot, however, if you like riding a bike, you can rent one and leave it in another part of the city.
  22. It is at the avant-garde of contemporary art.
  23. Barcelona is LGBT friendly, and one of its central districts – Eixample is known as Gayxample for the number of its gay friendly venues.
  24. The city is also home to many scientific institutions and interesting science museums.
  25. With its beautiful green surroundings and hilly terrain, it is a great destination for active visitors.